About Green Mow

Our aim at green mow is to do everything in a way that looks after your environment while protecting the whole environment. We don't use any petrol in our tools or cars.


Provide lawn and garden care services with the lowest possible carbon footprint.


To inspire individuals and companies to reduce their carbon footprint.


Responsibility: Respectful to our customers and the environment.
Integrity: Providing a professional, reliable and trust worthy service.
Innovation: If there is a better way, then we want to find it.

A healthy future environment requires we make positive changes now.

It doesn't have to be much, by all working together and making changes where we can, we can ensure that our ecosystems stay around to be enjoyed by all the generations to come.

Choose Green Mow!

Free up time by spending less time on those weekend chores! Not only will Green Mow have your lawn looking pristine, we will do all this with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Petrol Free Cars

No petrol is burnt traveling from our place to yours.

Petrol Free Tools

Our tools utilize the latest battery technology.

Quieter Working

No combustion engines, means no disruptive noises.

Restoring Nature

We want to do our bit to revitalize native trees in NZ.